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We need you...
    If you would like more information please come along on a Tuesday morning and have a chat with us over a cup of coffee.
    We would like more people to join the Friends to help us to ensure that people visiting the museum, as individuals, families or as an organised group, will enjoy the experience of what they see and hear and will make a return visit and encourage others to do

At 4pm on November 7th the Friends gathered at Locomotion and the first cohort set off to the Hitachi factory. We arrived a the gate and were pleasantly told where to park and where to assemble. After signing in electronically we were issued with protective shoes, safety glasses, a hard hat and hi-vis jacket. Faye was assigned to take us onto the working floor. The new mainline power car was our first stop and we were privileged to go inside before it was sent to Doncaster for an LNER makeover. Next we were in and out of the suburban line trains that were destined for Scotrail. Although the inside fittings on both models were yet to be installed it was obvious that a tremendous amount of care was being taken in the construction. The factory was massive but very neat, tidy and efficient. Our trip was a success, thanks to the Hitachi guides and workforce who had no qualms in answering questions. The second cohort of Friends will be going in December and should enjoy the visit as we did.