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Friends of the
National Railway Museum
North East Branch
Supporting                         at Shildon
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What we do

This brief note is designed to alert you to the range of activities we have to support Locomotion.

Conservation Cleaning.  This is one of our core tasks and involves "deep cleaning" which is a thorough clean of the vehicles using special polishes and cloths or "regular cleaning" which is essentially a good weekly dusting.  Elbow grease is an essential ingredient!

Training will be available.

Cab Its.  This involves manning a locomotive cab to explain to visitors the various controls and history of the engine.

Training will be available.

Soho Shed / Kilburn  Warehouse.  We have in the past prepared the interior and grounds outside the Soho Shed, a very interesting historical industrial building at the heritage end of the museum.

MGR Wagon.  We purchased the last Shildon built MGR wagon and work is in progress to protect and preserve it in its workaday condition.

Research and Archiving. At times opportunities arise for members to research topics of interest to the individual.


Tours.  We organise museum tours and guided walks in the museum and to the Heritage End for small groups or organisations.

Shadow training will be available.

Outreach Talks.  We undertake talks at various venues throughout the North East to explain the development of ‘Locomotion’ and the work of the Friends.

Displays.  We can mount displays as and when required for the museum.

Visits. We have days out to appreciate other museum locations, or railways.

The cleaning team.